When in Rio… Verde! (Rio Verde – MS)

As witnessed by Deejay Nige (Aussie Gringo in charge) – originally written in English (link para ler sobre Rio Verde -MS em português)

About 200k north of Campo Grande, this town of about 15-20 thousand people is a great example of Brasil’s many little hidden gems.  It is definitely worth a  stopover if you’re in the area, and whilst you wouldn’t travel from interstate (or overseas!) to visit, ask local people to find out about the hidden gems in the area where you are.

The main attraction is Cachoeira Sete Quedas (Seven Falls Cascades), beautiful cascades, rapids and waterfalls on Rio Verde (Green River) sent amongst luscious bushland.

You can sit or play under the falls, wade through the cascades and swim in the river pools at the top and bottom.  The Cachoeira is accessed via a private Balneario (bathing area) which also offers offers numerous other simple resort-style facilities, including cabin accommodation and meals and entertainment in the high season, enabling visitors to make the most of a weekend stay.  There are also other Cachoeiras and Balnearios in the surrounding area if you have more time.

Rio Verde - MS - Seven Falls Cascades (Cachoeira Sete Quedas)

Rio Verde -MS - Seven Falls Cascades (Cachoeira Sete Quedas)

According to the locals, the next best activity in Rio Verde is eating icecream!  It’s true, there really isn’t that much else to do, other than enjoy the small town atmosphere, but there are a few good places to eat.

vastomundo rio verde posto

some home made liqueur ate Churrascaria Garça Branca - Rio Verde - MS

The roadside trailer “Leite” in front of Thomaz Barbosa Rangel School does a great steak sandwhich (sanduíche de filé)  and don’t miss the buffet lunch at the roadhouse up on the highway – Churrascaria Garça Branca (BR163, KM680, n71 – Jd Santo Antonio), where you’ll probably cross paths with all the local personalities!

My picture with Rio Verde´s Central Swan

There are also a few botecos, like Chamine Batom (where ozzies use to do the shuffle and make local people go wild – learn the steps at the video below) , around the central town plaza and while you’re there, get a photo with the big white swan on the roof of the library in the middle of the plaza.

Summary: A quiet little town for a change of pace and relaxation at the cascades.
Highlight: Cascades & falls – Cachoeira Sete Quedas (easy to find)
Accommodation: Pousada Capão Bonito –  friendly, simple, good value (roughly R$ 45 per person)
Tip:  Having a car makes the visit much more practical – things are spaced out and it’s hot there!!


chilling out in Rio Verde, mixing with the locals


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