What´s batik? – Batik Class in Bali

Something I really enjoyed in Southeast Asia were the local culture courses, they have quick lessons on cooking, traditional dance, painting, sculpture and so on.
The cooking classes are really cool because we can be delighted by the product of their efforts and get a better understanding of the typical dishes (at the restaurant I always had that “tastes like anything I had ever eaten, but do not know what  it is” feeling) and in my case I could measure the spiciness level.

the batik teacher and his wife in their garden

And the arts courses are great because you make your own souvenir and understand the relationship of these countries with traditional art. While in Bali I took batik classes and loved it – first at ARMA Museum and then took another lesson at teacher Nyoman Deking’s house, in a Balinese garden beautiful.

But what is this batik thing?
“Indonesia was the birthplace of Batik, an art form that consists of drawing with hot wax on the fabric and then dye it with various colors, which gives it an impressive beauty.

batik by Nyoman Deking

The technique of batik is characterized by the effect of natural wax, which breaks in some places leaving a crackle in the design, which adds a special touch on the work of artists. ” Source: Arte do Batik

Batik Lesson – awaking the artist within
There’s no need to be an artist, the lesson does not require higher artistic skills than contouring.First, the teacher hands each student a fabric with a drawn picture, and we outline the design with wax.

contouring the bali dancer

experienced artists work with dots and shadowing achieving richer effect

After that, the area that will be crinckled (to achieve the marble effect) is covered with paraffin.

applying parafin to the background

Then comes the fun part, wrinkle the cloth to make the crinckles in paraffin and watch the magic happen dipping the work in reagent and dyes.

that´s the beggining of the marble effect


first dye

that´s the result after the second dye. my first batik!

Teacher Nyoman Deking´s website


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