Nepali wedding – the mission

Well, as you guys know, we’ve come all the way to Nepal to attend our friend’s Jay and Manju’s wedding. 

wedding invitation

buddhist swastika welcomes the guests

I’d like to thank this amazing couple for this once in a lifetime oportunity to have a inside view at nepali lifestyle and traditions and for the wonderful time we had with them, their lovely families and friends.  

thank you Manju and Jay!

About the nepali wedding what i can say is that it’s a huge and beautiful celebration and that it takes a lot of love to get married the nepali way cause it take days of hard work for the families involved (plus buckets and buckets of food, litres of raksi and tears, hundreds of flowers, dozens of saris and suits and hours of make over)  

food enough to feed an army

make over to one of the functions

From a lost-in-a-million-new-information-brazilian point of view, that’s the overview of the steps to get married in Nepal (the functions don’t have to happen altogether, they can be spread out in a few weeks – at Jay and Manju’s case they concentrated the functions along 8 days): 

bride's family's house decorated for the wedding

Engagement – groom’s family send offers to the bride’s house  

engagement's offers

 Bride’s ceremony – (the groom doesn’t come to this ceremony) they set up a big party tent and offer lunch for family and neighboors and at nightime the bride dress up the traditional way and about 700 people come to celebrate and bring gifts  

all the family helping out to get the bride ready

 Bride and groom ceremony – this one goes up from 9am to about 7pm.�
Morning: a priest comes to the bride’s house to perform rituals and the bride and groom worship the fire god together, followed by lunch
Afternoon: crying ceremony before groom takes the bride to their new home (groom’s house) with a band parade to follow them. 

here comes the groom! arriving at the wedding

crying ceremony

“Combing hair” ceremony – in the morning the groom teaches the bride the habits of their new home  

groom and family give the new family member a hairdo

New home celebration – they set up a big party tent close to the groom’s house and invite about 700 people  

traditional nepali wedding dinner


some nepali partying!

Bride’s family dinner – Bride’s family invites groom’s family to have dinner at their place and get to know each other better  

Groom’s family dinner – Groom’s family invites bride’s family to have dinner at their place and get to know each other better

aunty bala (bala= pretty in newari language) pouring raksi the traditional style


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